Saturday, 24 October 2009

~~u can't 4get d past??~~

people say forget the past but how can you forget the very thing that made you who you are…
how could you forget what you know what you are,where you’ve been,who you’ve been,who you know and who you used to know …
the best times of your life and the worst times,the things that made you weak,the things that made you strong,the times you cried your eyes out,the times you didn’t cry for years…
when you fell in love,when you got your heart broken,the day you realized you DO care what people think about you even though you will never admit it and…
the day that you figured out you were no longer a kid and that
its time to grow and be strong!!!

Err.. msih lg kekok utk bkongsi dlm blog.. tp sgt tringin utk ‘bkongsi’,mungkin.. so,tpksa la post nih,hehe..(sngup tglkn bku chemist smata2 nk post nih taw..hehe)
Tergerak hati nk post sal nih sbb..err..bcoz I knew sum1 yg de mslh sal nk lupakn mase lalu??!!hehe..btw,every single person yg idop kat mke bumi nih bdpan ngan mslh nih kn??mnipu ahh lau de yg kate~~I don’t have any problems 2 forget about my past..petik jari jer,daa bley luper sumer..tipu2bcoz of what??bcoz we hv a brain..n in our brain,we hv sumthing dat we call a memory..hv done some research about this thingy..

People can be taught to suppress troubling memories by shutting down particular parts of their brain, scientists show.

They say their findings might lead to a way to help people with post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety to gain control of debilitating memories.

"You're shutting down parts of the brain that are responsible for supporting memories," says Brendan Depue, a neuroscience doctoral student at theUniversity of Colorado who worked on the study.

The concept of memory suppression has been a controversial one among psychologists for a century.

But in this study neuroscientists used brain scans to show that volunteers who have been asked to banish disturbing memories show very specific patterns of brain activity.
The research is still far from being translated to the psychiatrist's office, Depue and others acknowledge.

"In the first place, the stimuli may be unpleasant, but they are hardly traumatic," says the University of California Berkeley's Professor John Kihlstrom, who was not involved in the study.

"My prediction is it won't be as easy to suppress something that's long-standing and personally emotional," Depue says.

People with post-traumatic stress disorder are often troubled for decades by recurring images of a harrowing experience.

Still, patients might practice blocking such memories out of their minds, or at least reducing their emotional sting.

"It might be the case that people with memory disturbances have to gain some control over the memory representation by remembering it [and] trying a different emotional response to the memory before successful suppression," Depue says.

Sooo..senang citer ni laa..

Dari fakta sains dan anjuran pakar, langkah awal berkaitan dengan masalah di masa lalu adalah menenangkan pikiran terlebih dahulu. Untuk ini, seseorang harus belajar untuk bisa melepaskan atau mengesampingkan ego terlebih dahulu.
Bukan salah Anda apabila sampai tersesat ketika melewati gang yang baru saja Anda lewati. Bukan pula salah si pembuat gang apabila mereka membuatkannya untuk semua orang.
Anda tidak akan bisa memahami dengan baik apa yang baru saja terjadi apabila Anda enggan untuk peduli mengapa Anda melakukannya dan bagaimana Anda melakukannya.
Pada tahap melepaskan ego, barulah tahap awal dari apa yang nantinya disebut pembalajaran diri dan pendewasaan diri sendiri. Seseorang dianggap dewasa salah satunya apabila mampu menyelaraskan antara pikiran dan perasaannya.
Pada akhirnya, semua kembali kepada sikap dari masing-masing individu untuk menindaklanjuti. Kita semua menghargai apa yang disebut dengan proses, dan kita pun harus mengakui bahwa ada proses, maka juga harus ada progres (kemajuan).
Kita harus pahami pula jika masa lalu tidak akan pernah bisa hilang dari ingatan, karena masa lalu selalu punya cara untuk menyelinap ke dalam pikiran kita. Baik atau buruk, itu semua adalah hasil perbuatan yang sudah di atur oleh Sang Pencipta, dan kita patut untuk mensyukurinya. Mendekatkan diri kepada Yang Maha Kuasa juga menjadi bagian yang penting dari proses. Kualitas individu bukan dilihat dari hasil perbuatan, akan tetapi dilihat dari cara individu dalam menyelesaikannya di akhir sehingga menjadi sesuatu yang baru dan lebih baik di masa yang akan datang.
lshani Ganguli, 2007, Learning to Forget Your Unhappy Past, Reuter’s News in Science

got d point??we decide what we want 2 become,how we gonna behave,what 2 do n so on..kte yg tntukn dri,pndai2 la nk manage dri,cm ne nk face d future by not really haunted by d pasts..why I use d word really??bcoz..hey bro n sis..we still have 2 remember d past dat w won’t repeat d same mistakes on future..benar enggak??cm de 1 kata2 sejarawan nih..(forgot who,hehe)

"ppl who forget about their history will tend 2 repeat d same mistakes in the future.."

tp jgn laa smpai kte jd pnakut nk cbe n rebut peluang sbb tamau ulang masa lalu..sndri pk pe yg tbaik utk dri laa..okie??
me also had lots of bad memories..sakit..mmg sakit..allah jer yg taw btapa bgaimana hmba yg lemah nih,cbe utk bangkit dr sgala ‘ksakitan’ yg dhadapi..n still brusaha utk bgkit till now…tp tiap kali smgt dan dri ni jtuh dan dbawa arus sengsara dek hasutan syaitan,cpt2 ingtkn dri blk..

innallahu ma’ana..

bler tringat yg sgala pe yg jdi nih,de hikmah sbb nyer..we got 2 remind ourselves back..Allah sygkn kte..sbb tuh Allah duga kte cm nih..die suh kte ingat kat Dia lbey…sooo wat la pe2 je yg mmpu utk dktkn dri kte ngan Allah…
solat taubat,solat hajat n solat istikharah>>these 3 solat,my dad ajar..utk slalu amalkn..i ask,nper ade solat istikharah lak kat pakej tuh??(hehe)
then my dad jwb..moga allah bg ptunjuk pe yg tbek utk dri kite.. =)
btw,buat je la solat sunat pe2 pown..x ksh..yg pnting niat..allah tuh kn maha penyayang n maha mngtahui..die taw pe yg ade dlm ati kite…4 me,solat is the medium 4 us 2 talk 2 allah..
Sbb tym solat,kte mzahirkn spenuh sembahan kita pada-nya..tol x??n diakhiri dgn doa..tym doa (n jugak sujud tuh la) kte nk luahkn sgala pe yg de dlm ati.. (n_n)
i got some tips on how 2 get loose ourselves from the bad memories?!hehe..

1. Accept that it happened. It's not the easiest thing to do, but it will help you get on your way. The past is a part of your life now, but it is not the most important part. Accept the fact that it can no longer be changed in anyway.
2. Change your cognition to not feel as bad about what happened, and decrease anxiety that triggers going back to the past; for example, if you were embarrassed, tell yourself don't worry, everyone gets embarrassed; various relaxation methods will decrease anxiety which can trigger bad memories
3. Live in the present. This one is kind of hard, as well, since the present is easy to take for granted. Know that by constantly using your present time wisely, you are constantly making a better past for yourself.
4. Learn from it. Something good always comes out of anything, even if it is a very bad experience. Find the lesson involved and try not to make the same mistake twice. Lousy-Lesson Example 1: "If I didn't get busted shoplifting, I would've moved on to armed robbery and get shot by cops."(Note: this did happen to me)
5. Forgive. Yourself or the ones that have hurt you. Cut some slack to others and yourself. Nobody asks to be given a bad memory. People are not perfect. Everyone is prone to make mistakes. That's how people are. And the only way to really move on from a bad experience is to forgive the people involved.
6. If all of the above don't help, then maybe try some journaling in a diary, or journal. But be specific about what's bothering you.
7. Just forgive them for what ever they have done and dont ever be sad they are too human and thus make mistakes just look for hopes because ""fear can hold you as a prisoner and hope can set you free"""
· f it really bothers you, talk to someone you trust and feel comfortable around. Talking is good. Not talking about it makes you bottle it up, and the next thing you know, medication is involved.
· Compare it to another's bad experience. Think about it. I mean, you've had a bad day, but that other person may have had a bad year. You may have lost your cat, but that person across the street lost his mom. Everything is relative, even problems.
· If you keep remembering things you don't want to remember- if it is really bad, keep telling yourself to "forget the past" and seek and see a counselor/psychologist


>>No denying the past. Because, no matter how hard you bury it, it will resurface time and again, like a bad zombie film.

lastly....some sentences from HIS love letters...

Bukankah telah Kami lapangkan dadamu untukmu? Dan Kami lebapskan beban darimu. yang memberatkan punggungmu. Dan Kami tinggikan bagimu sebutan (namamu). Karena sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan. Sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan ada kemudahan. Maka apabila telah selesai (urusan dunia) bersungguh-sungguhlah (dalam beribadah). Dan hanya kepada Tuhanmu lah kamu berharap

(QS. Al-Insyirah 1-8)

khas utk diri sendiri dan spe2 yg mbaca... =)
*credits to ~pencetus ilham~ and frenz...(smpai mmpu post blog spnjg ini,hehe)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

buffering~~still searching..~~

Dan kami pasti akan mnguji mu
dgn sdikit ktakutan,kelaparan,kkurgn harta,jiwa dan buah2an
dan smpaikanlah berita gembira kpd org2 yg sabar
(iaitu) org2 yg apabila ditimpa musibahmereka akn berkata..
inna lillahi wainna lillahir roji'uun..
(al-baqarah 155-156)

da lme x mnulis..i mean menaip..hehe..bkn ape..x bpe reti nk m'blog'kn dri..i ain't a gud writer..nor a gud story teller..bfalsafah apatah ttp tringin nk mrapu kat blog nih...skdr bkongsi..dan mncri motivasi..

x bpe nk stabil 2,3 ari nih..seakn hilang identiti..bkn..hilang motivasi..n now trying 2 get grip 4 d strenght back..dunno how..dunno why..its kinda hard 4 me..2 get along n adapt here..sbb tuh..sje pilih firman nih..kasik sdr sket dri nih..hehe

bru lps bce blog nik madihah..sonok kowt bce luahan pndpt n idea dier..i wish i cud be as gud as her..but diffferent..she got sumthing dat we call dont know what do i hv..

my frenz said.."u hv 2 let go of d dat u wont create d barrier around u..n wont be haunted by d nigntmares.."~~sighh..~~ me 2 get through this life......................

Thursday, 8 October 2009

i WILL survive!!!

Let your LIFE be like a plane.

Fly with 'God' as ur pilot,

Dreams as ur wings,

Hope as ur fuel,

Love as ur engine,

Friends as ur crew,

Faith as ur safety belt,

and Happiness as ur passenger. =)

when i arrived here,the land of anbiya',i was it true dat i'm here??OMG!!im already in jordan...bia btul??!!n right after i brought up my luggage(yg sparuh nyawa nk angkat tuhThen our seniors asked us to get ready 4 d meeting wif our embassador…during the walk to the yarmouk uni’s hall,I asked my BFF.. ‘weyh,cm x cye je kn da smpai kat Jordan??da jauh dr tnh mlayu..’

And the story begins…

Kne beli brg rumah,kne beli brg dpur,kne bajet duit,kne mcm2 la..n d most important thing is kne communicate with these Arabians ppl..haissshh..mmg keras lidah nk ckp arb..nk mtk tu..nk mtk ni..stakat ‘syu hai’, ‘gedeish hai’ bley la..lps tuh org arb tuh bls blab la bla..da nganga..huhu..but it was a sweet experience though..can’t get unless u go through it..rite??

N here..i turned 2 realize that my life wont be d same as when I was in my alone..i hv 2 decide 4 myself,what 2 do,how 2 behave,what 2 become…n I really need those quotes dat can motivate me dat I tend 2 surf 4 d motivation websites 2 get these dat I can sleep well..

N dats why im posting one of my frenz’ quotes..bcoz what he’d written there..its definitely true..

Innallaha ma’ana.. (n_n)

Till then.. ma’assalamah..

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

starting a new life and a new thing

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

what 2 say ek??still feel awkward..tbe aku nk jadi blogger??haisshhh..pelik n musykil nih..
coz why??im not gud in writing..skadar nk wat krgn utk spm tu lps nk tulis blog??like everyone did?? not gud enough like all d gud bloggers e.g saifulislam..
but still nk gak tulis blog,hehe..mngkin cm nk mgantikn diari kowt??huhu.. 'zaman da brubah' la katekn..
n maybe..nk bkongsi pe yg dlalui kat cni..d life dat Allah gives me..n i have to treasure it every micro minutes..huhu..
i think dis is enough 4 d beginning..insyaallah..pas ni akn ade post lagi..(n i bet it will be lots of post!! =P )
till then..salam alaik..